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Tourist map of the Fairytale Village of Bobritsa

Village museum

The Bobritsa village museum of ethnography and history was opened in 2010.

This museum’s entire collection was gathered and organized by Mykola Andriiovych Kovalchuk, who was the first curator of this museum (in 2010 — 2020). He studied the history of families from his village starting from 1750, collecting information in Kiev Oblast state archives and all over Ukraine. He was the one who created the village’s family tree, which included all of its families, beginning with the first Cossack settlers: Potapenko, Ihnatenko and Yakovenko (since 1648), who arrived during the rule of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi.

The museum’s collection contains 5,500 photographs from the history of Bobritsa, Belogorodka, Zabiria, Zhornivka, Budaivka and Luka — the history of these villages cannot be separated, as they are tightly linked by centuries-old ties of familial development. In the museum’s collection, one can find 25 costumes from Dnipro Ukraine, about a hundred embroidered shirts and towels, household items, military relics, and records of those who’ve been creating the military glory of their homeland since ancient times. The exhibit takes up 5 rooms in total.

Currently, the museum is temporarily closed for renovation.

Sculpture park

The village center has a small sculpture park — 5 works by artists from different countries on commission from the village of Bobritsa under the aegis of the first international sculpture symposium (2015).

The following works are located here

Separate sculptures

In addition to the sculpture park, Bobritsa also has other works placed in various parts of the village.

Getting to know these sculptures is a very good pastime that can occupy one for a few hours (we recommend using bicycles for visiting works placed in remote spots).

Mr. Beaver

Bobritsa, Belogorodska Str. (at the village entrance closest to Belogorodka)


Lugova Str., Bobritsa

The Twins. Contrasting Affinity

(temporarily closed) Kozatska Str., Bobritsa (Beach garden)

“Totem of positive emotions”

(temporarily closed) Kozatska Str., Bobritsa (Beach garden)


Bobritsa village is famous for its murals painted on fences, which were launched with the first Tom Sawyer Fest in 2015.

Currently, you can see the following works in Bobritsa

Mona Lisa

Near Bobritsa Park cottage town at the village entrance facing Belogorodka

Author: Dima Fatum (Ukraine)

The work is a pixelated image of the legendary Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci spread over a section of the cottage town’s fence. At first glance, it seems that the fence is painted with an abstract, pixelated gradient, which, in turn, does not strain the viewer’s eye with frequent exposure. Each section is self-sufficient, in each you can see its own plot, texture of those very slabs of a concrete fence. And only upon careful examination can one see the pieces assemble into the world-famous image of La Gioconda.

Inhabitants of Bobritsa village took part in the creation of this work.

Our tip: Squint a bit when looking at the work from afar!

Fragment of Mona Lisa from Bobritsa on the fence of Bobritsa Park cottage town

Beaver’s Dam

Village center

Author: Anozerstudio (Ukraine)

Children took part in the creation of the Beaver’s Dam painting. They were eager to help the author — they painted the fence while improvising with colors and shapes. After that, professionals took over, transforming an expressive childish picture into a bright plot with beavers. At the same time, the artist gave a lecture on color science, harmony and color psychology. The final result was amazing.

Kandinsky on a fence

Kozatska Str.

Author: Dima Fatum (Ukraine)

A wooden installation on a corrugated metal fence. Two different materials in one creation. Two substances with very different physical qualities bound together by art. Art unites the incompatible.

Fruits and vegetables — friends of children and adults

Naberezhna Str.

Author — Dima Fatum (Ukraine)

The work is a parody of Michelangelo’s painting The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel. The painting is stylized as a mosaic picture with famous characters from the Cipollino cartoon. Its plot demonstrates the importance and necessity to perpetuate the unspoken rule: friendship with vitamins and minerals is paramount.”


Kozatska Str., exit to well by the lake

Author: Dima Fatum (Ukraine)

The painting was created using the post-abstract graffiti technique.

The work is a colorful associative picture based on heraldry and top-down photographs of Bobritsa village (satellite images), in characteristic colors and symbols of the village. These symbols include, for example, beaver, Irpin River, underground springs, household items, flora, stylized logs, boulders, etc. As a result, by painting these images in colors not natural for them, we get a cheerful fence that carries not only artistic, but also historical value. We invite you to search for “coded” symbols and train abstract and critical thinking on it.

Our tip: if you want to know what Hamlet has to do with this work, ask our tour guides!

People's Artist Volodymyr Slepchenko’s manor gallery

A manor gallery dedicated to modern Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Slepchenko is located in Bobritsa village.

The manor is located at the following address: 52 Molodizhna Str., Bobritsa


In Bobritsa village and its vicinity, there are several farms famous for their eco-friendly products. These farms accept tour groups, and also sell their freshest products directly.

Bobritsa eco-farm

77 Kozatska Str., Bobritsa

This is the smallest farm, which sends all of its products to an adjacent restaurant called KOMMUNA Kitchen. The farm itself is located within the premises of the Bobritsa Dacha hotel.

Greengold farm

Nova Str., Bobritsa

The farm has a large orchard, as well as year-round greenhouses that grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The farm’s visitors can buy a product they like straight from the patch.

+38 (050) 255-54-16

+38 (068) 986-68-42

Onistrat’s farm

42 Lisna Str., Khutir of Kovbasyn, Bobritsa

The most famous farm in our village. Here you can buy fresh dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, butter, sour cream), chicken eggs, chicken meat, pork and other products.

+38 (067) 555-44-88


Cheeses from Muzychi craft creamery


Valentyna farming enterprise

Magistralna Str., Boyarka

Ostrich valley ostrich farm

32 Pidlisna Str., Yasnogorodka


In the village itself and its surroundings you can observe a wide diversity of wildlife: birds (turtle doves, storks, owls, nightingales, sparrows, blackbirds, snipes, bitterns, cranes, gulls on the lake and other avians), squirrels, hedgehogs and hares, frogs, lizards, snakes and turtles, a plethora of insects and plants, including those listed as endangered.

Bobritsa is famous for its forests and lakes.

Of course, you can’t see all the inhabitants of these lands at once, you need to have patience and time to wander around the village.

Two Rivers Valley

Two Rivers Valley is a modern ecological tourism project simultaneously covering the natural spaces of several villages within Kiev Oblast: Bobritsa, Zabiria, Negrashi, Zhornivka, Kniazhychi and Muzychi, which are all located within the Irpin River valley.

This includes large forested areas suitable for active recreation, with hiking and cycling routes, areas for boating and fishing.

Two Rivers Valley has an actively developing recreation industry (hotels, restaurants), places for sports and cultural facilities.

You can learn more about the Two Rivers Valley project at the website

Pryirpinnia and Chernechy Forest

In the near future, Bobritsa village will become a part of the Pryirpinnia and Chernechy Forest National Park, which is being created in Kiev Oblast.

The planned national park covers an area of more than 700 hectares and will be intended for preserving endangered species of plants and animals.

Unfortunately, the national park that is being created has opponents, who prefer rough and simple land development to nature preservation. Your active participation in the development of Bobritsa and its projects — to the Two Rivers Valley and Pryirpinnia and Chernechy Forest — will help preserve the unique natural environment next to the growing metropolis of Kiev!